5 Crypto Marketing Strategies (The stuff that works...) 📈

On Crypto Marketing Strategies...

So, I’ve personally had a lot of companies reach out to me in the past months requesting more information regarding us marketing their crypto projects…

I’ve declined most but have accepted to work with one…

I accepted that one, primarily because they already have an established business that’s been running for 3+ years.

This post, though, is for all the projects I’ve declined… :cry::heart:

Crypto Marketing Strategy: Influencer Marketing...

At the present moment, there is no major reliable & noteworthy advertising channel that’s ready to accept crypto projects.

Google won’t let you run ads.
Facebook definitely won’t let you run ads.
Quora might…
Reddit might (but you need to be whitelisted)

Therefore, the most logical way to get your project across to thousands of screens is by utilizing pre-established content marketing channels.

Who owns these channels?

Influencers do.

Working with well-established influencers will essentially mean that you’re able to run content marketing campaigns on steroids…

And yes, they are costly, and in some cases, absolute f&5king deg3n3rates but they’re worth it.

:point_up_2:t5: Some random Youtuber asking for a pre-pay…

If you want to find influencers with Youtube channels that have their gmails listed on the channel, just run this search and sort through the results :wink:

Tip: Make sure to lock them in with a vesting period so that they don’t dump the coin and get you FREE PR on the next episode of Coffeezilla.

Crypto Marketing Strategy 2: Community Building & Management

Now, I am more than certain that is one is a definite no-brainer, but it’s very important…

So important, that you should make sure that EVERY single piece of content you produce (or your influencers produce) has attached to it a CTA of the community itself. (which in most cases is the Telegram channel)

Owning your own community means you own your own distribution/marketing channel.

No longer do you have to “rent attention” through PPC of Facebook Ads because you now own it within your Telegram channel.

Additionally, say you want your event to be listed as trending on Coinmarketcal tomorrow.

Get your 20K Telegram community to vote for you…

Say you want to list your project on Product Hunt, get your “Goliath” of a community to vote it for you…

Community is everything, and not just in crypto.

Build it and make sure to engage it.

Crypto Marketing Strategy 3: Reddit Ads & Content Marketing (NFTs only)

So this tip is primarily applicable for NFT projects, and not necessarily token sales or raises.

The reason behind the “unsuitability” is that Reddit has been absolutely wrecked in terms of crypto marketeers spamming their projects left & right and then trying to reinforce the post’s credibility by purchasing upvotes.

Redditors see right through it…

But not with NFTs, not yet…

Therefore, if you’re advertising an NFT based project, check out both r/nft & soar.sh.

I won’t say more…

And as per Reddit Ads; you can run Reddit ads for NFT based projects as long you have a minimum ad budget of $10k and have a Reddit Sales Rep working with you.

Otherwise, it won’t work.

Crypto Marketing Strategy 4: Listings... (Coinmarketcal...)

Play the game.

Crypto as an industry has a ton of websites & portals that serve as intel sites for the best upcoming projects, main-net releases, etc.

Coinmarketcal is one of my favorites because it keeps traders updated on the latest fundamentals of the projects they’re interested in.

On a day to day, thousands of traders & enthusiasts log in to Coinmarketcal to research projects, join the communities, and in some cases (if everything checks out) purchase tokens.

So, again…

Play the game, list your projects on the appropriate platforms, and once your community is big enough; have them support your listings by either voting, commenting, etc.

Crypto Marketing Strategy 5: Giveaways - for the right reasons.

This one works well once you have an established community.

What it does is it incentivizes shares, likes, & comments in return for having a chance to win a certain giveaway. (Tokens, NFTs, etc.)

The bigger the community, the more people you’ll have participating…

:point_up_2:t5: Example of giveaway campaign…

Some of the apps I’ve seen projects run giveaways with, include Sweepwidget.

There are others too.

Conclusion & Extras...

Conclusively speaking, following these 5 should be more than enough to gain your project some initial traction.

It’s important to also note that crypto projects that are already pre-established businesses with non-crypto related products & services are at a great advantage because they’re able to market themselves as NON-CRYPTO and then convert their traffic to their crypto offering on a level 2 approach (email newsletter, SMS blast, etc.

For alternative ad networks make sure to also check out https://a-ads.com/

Sick piece!

I think, not too sure, but I think you can run Linkedin Inmail ads to get investors on call to discuss allocations.

Will test it and update later.

Cool man! How do you go around growing the Telegram community in pre-launch?


@stanleywilles Reddit, Facebook Groups, Discord Groups & Linkedin Groups.

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So you post in there or?

What’s the plan there

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@stanleywilles, so it’s a combination of posting & DMing.
For Reddit, you’d basically isolate relevant subreddits, post in them & scrape their members for dming.
For Facebook, the same.
Discord, just DMing most of the time.
And Linkedin, exactly the same; Posting & DMing.

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