5 Things You Must Know Before Starting Cold Email Outreaches

Hey guys,

Ben here from Super Media and I thought people looking to step up their cold email game would find this info interesting!

I learned a lot of my info & cold email strategies from Alex Berman & Kyrill’s Growth Hacking Bootcamp and the key points EVERYBODY needs to know before even considering cold email as a strategy are the following:

Constant warm-up is key : As soon you launch any COLD email outreach whatsoever, be sure to expect a drop in your domain’s deliverability. The quality of your list & outreach template should in most cases be directly correlated to HOW MUCH your deliverability is to drop. But expect a drop nonetheless…

Warm-up tools allow you to counter this drop, as well as prep any newly created inbox for mass outreaches in as little as a week.

Outlook doesn’t like Gsuite : After playing around with several domains, email agents, and deliverability tools I quickly came to realize that Outlook doesn’t really like Gsuite.

If you check the deliverability results from Glockapps below you’ll see that 100% of my emails landed in Outlook’s Junk :frowning:

Honestly, I don’t really blame them as I think GSuites are on a shared IP (meaning that other people’s spam also affects you…)

Always check your deliverability : How are you going to know whether you’re landing in spam or not if nobody tells you?!?

With deliverability tools.

They’re basically a diverse collection of inboxes that tell you whether your message has landed in inbox tab, the promo tab, the social tab, or the spam folder.

(They also check whether you’re on blacklists!)

They’ll tell you when a domain has been burned out, needs rotating, needs warming, etc.

Expect to rotate through domains (for big outreaches): I’ve slowly come to learn that cold outreaches with many prospects will usually require 3 or 4 warmed-up domains to be completed.

Keep this in mind, and be ready with a plan B, C, and D.

Keep the copy short & sweet!

Text is no longer the preferred content format for consuming information. Video is.

And even if someone commits the time investment necessary to read your text, they won’t read it for long if it’s long & boring.

Keep it sweet & short.

You have a maximum of 5 lines to say what you do, why you’re reaching out and to plug your CTA.

Make sure you use it wisely!

Anything above 5 lines will be ignored.

You’ve been warned!


Hey Ben, great tips. Especially the Outlook one. Never knew that.

About video being preferred, how are you using it? I’ve tried sending video links, but I’m trying to avoid sending links in the first email.

Do you get good click throughs when you send video links?