A verified list of 1000 targeted VCs & Investors for FREE (LinkedIn, Twitter & Emails) 📧

A list of 1000 Investors (Angels, VCs, etc) entirely for free

What is up guys!

Kyrill here with a major giveaway for the community.

In the embedded Airtable below you’ll find a list that we’ve recently compiled of 1000 targeted investors.

This list included EVERYTHING from their number of investments (which we’ve attained from Crunchbase) to their social media profiles & in some cases, emails.

*Note that all this information is publicly available. We just merged it into a single sheet after a few hours of work & enrichment flows.

It includes everything from VCs to Angel Investors with the majority deriving from the US.

Hope you guys find it of value.

Note that if anybody finds their details on the sheet and would like them taken down, you can simply private message us.

Thank you! I am actually friends with a number of people on the list :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! How do you usually contact Angel investors? I heard that I should come to them only when my product is making at least $5k per month


What tech did you use for enrichment? How long did it take? I have about 5M contacts I would like to enrich with additional public info.