Anyword - an AI platform for creating effective marketing copy

Anyword is a platform where marketers can generate and optimize their marketing copy with the help of AI.

  • You can generate ad copy for Facebook, Google, Instagram, Native, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Improve your landing page headline, CTAs, and product descriptions.
  • Generate email subject lines that will make your open rates skyrocket.
  • Create blog posts that are made to engage.

Trained on over $250M worth of ad spend, Anyword knows what works and converts. Every variation is given a Performance Prediction Score, which can forecast how well it will do. In field tests the score has been proven to be right 76% of the time, so you can confidently choose the top performers that suit you, saving countless hours and endless budgets on A/B testing. Anyword also offers more advanced features including dynamic landing page text optimization, connection to your ad accounts to ensure your brand voice is consistent, and other advanced options.

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