Best Way To Get Sponsorships?

Hey guys,

anyone have experience with acquiring sponsors? Specifically looking to help a car racing team.
As its B2B, my idea is to use Linkedin, but not sure on the targeting…would like to expand to other avenues as well.

Any other suggestions?


Sick question!

The best way I see you doing this is through a LinkedIn Outreach + some cold email!

As per targeting, I suggest you test a couple of industries to see which perform best.

Make sure that the companies you target have a MINIMUM of 50+ employees otherwise I doubt the companies would be interested in sponsorships…

Sponsorships are more of a brand awareness type of marketing, meaning that there aren’t necessarily any direct conversions coming from it.

Companies that are most likely to engage in brand awareness campaigns are generally much bigger than your 5 man agency, or 2 person ecomm store.

You need to target a certain annual revenue to make this happen.

Once you’ve selected the industries you’d like to test you can start outreaching to them either through a sponsored inmail campaign + cold email outreaches.

Hope this helps.

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