Cold email outreach - Problems & how we solved it

Hi everybody,

Story about the problems that occurred since we started with cold email outreach, and of course how we fixed it.

The problems:

  1. Cold domains.
  2. Sending Limits.
  3. Sender reputation with your SMTP provider.
  4. SMTP provider limiting sending to 5!!! Per hour.
  5. Dedicated COLD IP Warmup.

When starting cold email outreach everything seemed pretty easy, we started to do it from corporate domains (AKA Satellite domains). We warmed up the domains with Gmass free email warmup.
Sending was also done trough Gmass.
All seemed pretty easy since we had only 2 clients that we were providing cold email outreach.
Problems came when we tried to scale this up.

  1. Cold domains
    Warming up with Gmass only warms up your emails with Gsuite and Gmail adresses. Your deliverability with gmail becomes better, but your IP is still cold on the other ISP’s

How we fixed this:
We used Warmupinbox
This provider warms your sender with a lot of different providers and works way better. Its $9 per inbox, and I think that’s pretty reasonable.

Feel free to use my refferal link: warmup :wink:

  1. Sending limits…
    When sending huge bulk emails through the SMTP server of Gsuite (Or google workspaces as it is called now), Gsuite will limit your sending and blacklist your domain on their side.

How we fixed this:
We set up our own SMTP server with SendInBlue, this makes it possible to never pass the servers of Google and send out way more emails than before. SendInBlue is really strict for marketers and spammers, when sending emails to no OPT IN users you are going to see that you are getting some bounces.

  1. Sender reputation with your SMTP provider
    Since we were getting some bounces, our reputation lowered, and we were able to only send 70 emails an hour with SendINblue.

How we fixed this:
By double-checking our emails with Super email validator and with again, we went from 1% to 0.5%.
This kept us up for at least a month, and we were able to send 270 emails an hour. When getting new clients, our bounce rate went up to 1% again.
And that is where the new problem came:

  1. SMTP provider limiting sending to 5!!! Per hour.
    Yes, you read it right. Five damn emails an hour. It means 120 emails a day. Game over…
    When starting on the normal plan with SendINblue you have a shared IP, since SendINblue wants to keep the reputation high for all senders, they limit you to lower sending.

How we fixed this:
Dedicated IP.
We switched from a shared IP to a dedicated IP, in this way SendINblue does not monitor your sending any more. We were able to send as much emails as we wanted from this point.
Although we had to think about why SendINblue wanted to protect us from this 1% bounce rate.

  1. Dedicated COLD IP warmup
    Most of the ISP’s only accept a 0,1% bounce rate, after that your emails just get marked as spam.
    So if this happens, your outreach is worth nothing any more because nobody reads it.
    When working with a dedicated IP the only one that is managing the reputation is you. So you NEED to keep your reputation high.

How we fixed this:
We connected 5 google workspaces to our Dedicated IP and let them all run on WarmupInbox.
We are only doing this for a small time now, but it looks like our reputation is getting way better every day. The health scores of the domains are getting better while our Dedicated IP warms up at the same time:


We had to pause our clients for at least a week because the IP needed to warm up a bit first. So if you are planning on scaling up your sending, better start getting a Dedicated IP soon.

Pretty long story but ok.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Dude I love this. I’ve done all this stuff too! +1 here.

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Adding MXToolBox on the list of tools to check!

Is it like Mailbird?

No, it’s great for DMARC watching. Here’s one day of work.

It’s a DMARC Watcher Product. This is so you know if it’s spam, before it becomes spam. If I hit spam box I cry. I don’t accept any spam in my business. I tell my customers when their records don’t align and I hit DMARC status full quarantine. We let nothing in.

I got too crazy big watching this and scaling. So I needed to watch the logs. This thing manages your DMARC, SPF records watches your BIMI Image and it takes care of DKIM Alignment. DKIM alignment is the TRUE work horse. Need all these working in tandem to be NEXT LEVEL!

Put the bots to work is what I tell everyone. Become one. Become a SaaS!


Interesting Insights!

Would you be able to jump on a call soon to discuss some points?

Eager to learn from a top performer :sunglasses:

Hey, I’m a top performer by helping others. People always give back to me. 10x. I always believe… you’re one person to help away from your biggest strategy or new tactic ever. This is awesome.

Yes, let’s side message and talk strategy. I’m also smashing the hell out of SES right now. Let’s talk elite skills. I love what’s going on here.

-The General of SaaS