Emails are going to spam

Our email marketing campaign is failing as all going into spam…how can we correct this?


Good question, though I do need more information to guide you in the right direction…

Nonetheless, the basics stay the same.

Warm up your inbox, meaning stop ALL OUTREACHES for the moment and plug your inboxes into warming for ATLEAST 2 weeks so as to recover deliverability.


Monitor your deliverablity, meaning use deliverability tools like Glockapps to monitor which inboxes are accepting your emails as spam and which in inbox, and see which blacklists have your IP listed.

Hope this helps.

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@crookedcow69 explained it very nicely!

I’d say the exact same things :wink:

So with a couple of my clients, we’ve been using Warmbox to help fix this problem. Warmbox pretty much sends out emails and then interacts with them to boost email deliverability.

I kinda started making this a Quarterly expense with anyone doing massive email outreach just to make sure their emails are going directly into inbox.

Check them out. Might be the next best option if you don’t want to start fresh with new email and allocate time warming it up.

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@jawnwalrus agreed 100% with the fact that IT IS a necessary expense for cold email.

There’s literally no avoiding it if you want to make sure you’re not landing in spam.