FAQ - Frequently Asked Growth Hacking & Automation Questions

Hey guys, this is the community’s FAQ and covers our most frequently asked questions; ranging from proxies to automation tools.

This Wiki is being updated weekly.

If you can’t find your question then message Kyrill Krystallis personally on Whatsapp.

Cold Email Marketing & Email Automation:

How do I get Amazon SES?

It’s a pretty randomized application process which they seem to review on a case by case basis. I personally duplicated the steps from Nath Aston’s video and got approved. Try the same steps.

Here’s the guide.

What do I use to warm up my domain?

Our recommended warm-up service at the moment is https://www.warmupinbox.com/ for both reliability & price.

Gmass just launched a totally FREE email warmer, works like Lemwarm but it’s free…

Should I use GMASS, SNOV or Lemlist?

Excellent question. Gmass is a mail merge tool that blasts your contact list at once whilst Snov & Lemlist are cold email outreach automation tools that send sequences with a certain timeout in between.

If you are looking to blast people within a 30 minute limit then use GMASS with SES.

If you are looking to run a campaign that’s intended to last days/weeks then use Snov or Lemlist.

What do I use to verify/bounce check emails for free?

We recommend you use either Gmass’ free email verification system or the free Super Email Validator. (Make sure your Port 25 is open, if not connect your PC to your mobile’s hotspot ;))

Where do I purchase aged Gmail accounts from?

Check out this section of AccFarm for aged Gmail accounts. They allows you to select the year of the account and offer them at good prices.


What’s the difference between static & rotating proxies:

The IP address of Static proxies mostly remains the same, whilst that of rotating constantly changes. Static proxies are mostly used for automating & scraping social media platforms like Linkedin or Facebook (where you’ll usually have one or two IP addresses per account) whereas rotating proxies are mostly used for scraping search results (cases where you’d like to trick Google eg. to think that the requests are coming from numerous computers as opposed to one…)

Where do I purchase static proxies:

Bootcamp’s most recommended sources for static proxies are Luminati.io & our French 4G contact which you can message on Whatsapp for custom mobile proxies.

Where do I purchase rotating proxies:

Bootcamp’s most recommended source for rotating proxies is currently ScraperAPI which integrates with Scrapebox perfectly.

Linkedin Automation:

Do I need to use Expandi if I am only automating one or two accounts?

No, in that case we strongly recommend you look into cheaper & simpler solutions like Linkedinhelper2 or OctopusCRM which are both simpler to integrate & much cheaper to maintain.

What is the Expandi discount code & where do I apply it?

The Expandi discount code is: hN8NMKQk (NO LONGER APPLIES) and is to be applied on the checkout page where you add your card details. Again: “Checkout page where you add your card details”, and not where you choose your location.

If there’s any issues with the discount message their support, they’re SUPER helpful & don’t hesitate to reach out to Sharon from the Finance department on: [email protected]

Where do I purchase Fake Accounts from?

Our main suppliers for fake aged Linkedin accounts are the following skype ID’s: (devid_jhon) & (live:.cid.e47ac090a909a41f).

In all cases, say Kyrill sent you for the best treatment & prices.

How do I get Sales Navigator for free, for 2 months (Code Expired), even if I used my trial before?:

Click this link: Sales Navigator.

What’s the best SMM Panel?

Our personal favourite SMM Panel is Cheappanel due to high reliable they are and the their ease of adding funds.

Where do I purchase Reddit Upvotes?

Our favourite source for purchasing Reddit upvotes is hand’s down Soar.sh. After having spent hundreds of dollars with them we’ve realized that they’re not only reliable but also over-deliver.

How do I scrape Whatsapp Groups:

Our full guide for scraping Whatsapp groups can be found here: SHEETS

This document has a bit of a story to it too…

He tried to scrape ours…

Don’t scrape ours…


What’s the coupon code for Scrapebox:

Simple: www.scrapebox.com/bhw


Can you still cloak ads on Facebook & PPC:

Kyrill here… And you’re probably reading this because you saw my Youtube video on cloaking.

Last time I personally cloaked was in April of 2019, when the initial COVID surge hit. We had suppliers wanting to sell legitimate masks & PPE equipment but Facebook showed no tolerance whatsoever to our ad sets, hence, we were forced to cloak.

My full process is documented in one of the bootcamp sessions.

Can people still cloak: I think so, but I am no longer aware on how they do it.

The basics remain the same, but the tools differ.

Do your own research.

More Wiki updates coming soon.

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