Google lifts Crypto ad ban... + How To Market Cryptocurrencies 🖖

So, to sum it all up;

Google has recently “lifted” its crypto ban from its advertising platforms, meaning that you will once again see crypto & blockchain-related ads across search results, Youtube & its partnered ad networks…

The catch though lies in the fact that all advertising companies MUST get whitelisted prior to running ads.

And to get whitelisted, all companies must fit the following criteria:

Companies must be based out of the US to be able to place ads on Google.


Google also requires crypto businesses to be registered with the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a Money Services Business with at least one state as a money transmitter.**

Source: Google is allowing crypto ads again

So, no;

The ban hasn’t been lifted, it’s just been eased.

And MANY companies will still have to explore other avenues to get their message out across to their target market.

What are the top crypto growth hacks as of 2021?

As mentioned in the video, companies looking to drive traffic to their crypto offering can start off by exploring alternative ad networks like

I am not too sure about the effectiveness of these networks but I do speculate that you’ll have a lot more of them popping up over the years to come.

The way they work is essentially by making agreements with relevant crypto outlets and giving companies the ability to market on those outlets through a one-stop-shop platform alike to Taboola & Outbrain.

In addition to the above, influencer outreaches are also a strategy worth mentioning.

They essentially allow you to hijack their pre-existing followings…


You need to set up a lock-up period for the tokens, otherwise, you’ll most likely end up on the next episode of Coffezilla (reference to the Save The Kids Token)…