Growth Hacking Bootcamp Version 2.0 👈

🧪 Growth Hacking Bootcamp V2 🧪

Last year, sometime in September, was when the initial idea of the Growth Hacking Bootcamp came around.

It wasn’t supposed to turn into a course nor a premium community.

One of our legacy sessions on LinkedIn & Quora :point_up_2:

The original intent was to create 5 live sessions where we cover the latest marketing hacks of 2020 and price access at $99.

That was it.


Many of the attendees started requesting that the sessions be recorded for viewing later on…

Initially I just wanted to post the recordings on Youtube as unlisted… :point_up_2:

And that’s exactly how the course came about.

The premium community, on the other hand, was supposed to be a group chat for the live sessions ONLY…

But over time it had turned into a community of 100+ growth hackers from all around the world.

-Snippet of our Premium community which is currently at 120+ growth hackers :point_up_2: -

This year, we’re revamping it in terms of both quality & content.

Note that previous dates were on October, but due to some delays, we’ve moved the schedule forward to November & have added EVEN MORE SESSIONS.

Between the dates of (November 15th - 24th) , we’ll be covering the following topics in a total of 11 Live Sessions!

  • The latest in LinkedIn marketing (Events, Manual Outreach, and more…)
  • Commission based manual outreach teams (How to set-up & manage)
  • B2B Sales Funnel (Creation, Design, Purpose & Output)
  • Octaparse & advanced behind log-in scrapes.
  • Top channels to boost on-site traffic organically. (Indiehackers, etc.)
  • Re-introduction of the basics of Scrapebox.
  • Reddit Content Marketing - Organic & Semi Organic.
  • Instagram + Jarvee automations in 2022
  • Twitter + Jarvee automations in 2022
  • BONUS: Growth Hacking Celebrity Outreach (Snoop Dogg, Nate Diaz, etc.)

Registrants will have access to:

  • Growth Hacking Bootcamp V2 Sessions
  • Growth Hacking Bootcamp V1 Sessions (Legacy)
  • The Full GHB Course
  • Access to our Premium Growth Hacking Community.

Priced at $149 for access to live sessions & 3 month access to course and community.

Join here:

You did a great job there as always! Or else it wouldn’t have gone as far as it did!!!
Keep it up :fire::fire::fire:


I am absolutely psyched for this!

Let’s gooooooooooooooo!

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