Growth Hacking Podcast Session with Vikesh Tiwari of Texau 🖖

What is up guys, so this was a podcast session we held with Vikesh Tiwari of Texau some hours ago.

We did it as a live session on Zoom & permitted 20 attendees in order to keep the call orderly.

For those that missed it - here’s the replay :wink:

Within this session we cover the following:

7:40 Difficulties in scaling an agency
11:40 Vikesh’s definition of growth hacking
13:54 Texau’s Target Market
16:19 How is Texau gaining traffic?
18:10 Does Texau do B2B?
20:58 How is Texau built?
23:30 Vikesh’s favourite proxy providers?
28:30 Is Texau bootstrapped or backed?
34:02 Jack of all trades vs. Mastery
38:90 Outro & Agency Discussion

Hope you guys enjoy it!

If you have any questions regarding anything that was mentioned, ask below!

Sick stuff!

Next up you should definitely get the CEO of Phantombuster!

Keep it up)

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