Have a verified list of cold email prospects - how to use the list? [ecom]

Hey all
I need suggestions from you all.

I have a verified email list of 6,000+ prospective buyers for my new furniture ecom niche.
These aren’t my customers but a few of my competitor’s customers.
Besides LLA on Facebook, how else can I use this list to make more sales?

I am considering running a cold email campaign - not sure how that will work out, though.
Please suggest something

PS: I call it a verified list as this is a list of top interior decor companies and frequent clients of my competitors. Got it through some seller.

Hey there Abhi,

Here’s an additional two ways you can use them.

  1. You can add all the prospects as first degree connection on LinkedIn. Just follow the steps I’ve included in the video below.

  1. You can of course launch a cold email outreach campaign to all prospects using both Gmass & an SMTP like Sendinblue.

Hope this helps.

Hi, Krystallis thanks for your reply!
I mistyped on my post, edited it!
I meant -

I have a new ecomm store which I’ll be launching at the end of this week, and I have an email database of 6k people who have bought from my competitors.
Besides Facebook LLA, how can I use this list to drive more sales to my e-commerce stores?
The stores and the list is based in UAE.

It’s a high ticket - high margin item. Customer LTV isn’t much as people don’t buy couches and other furniture items that I often sell.
But I can cross-sell them carpet, photo frames, bed lamps, and other lower ticket items.

I assume your recommendations were more B2B specific

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