HIRING: Outreach Interns for Inside Insight 💲

Hiring MORE outreach interns...

You’ll be responsible for outreaching to 50 prospects (WE PROVIDE THE DATA) per day.

The more you outreach, the more $$$ you make.

Work whenever you want, wherever you want…

We are currently offering:

  • A commission of $20 per call scheduled, (Bring in 50 calls, get paid $1000)
  • 3 month free access to our www.growthhackingbootcamp.co
  • 3 month free access to our premium growth hacking community.

This is more of an educational position, as opposed to a money making one but do note that strong candidates WILL have the possibility of being promoted full time depending upon results.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/2xRnDBu7oLN1vwF56