How much do LinkedIn advertisements cost?

Hey guys,

Quick question as I am considering a full out Linkedin Ad campaign, especially after consuming all the info Kyrill has posted in the last month on InMails & Conversation ads.

How much do the ads cost?

Are InMails cheaper?

Are banner/video ads worth it on LinkedIn?

What’s the average CPM?
What’s the average CPC?

@BananaRepublic great question!

They are pretty costly as opposed to other ad platforms but can DEFINITELY WORK if you’re product/service has enough margin.

Again, enough margin means you’re selling a high margin B2B service as opposed to anything else.

You can’t sell low ticket ecomm stuff, nor low ticket service stuff.

Here are some stats & results from campaigns I’ve ran in the past:

Linkedin Banner/Video Ads Costs & Results

Notice the campaigns highlighted in blue.

These were crypto lead gen campaigns for service provision (pretty high margin).

The lowest cost per lead we were able to get was AUD $31, the other campaign got them at AUD $80.

Conclusion: You can still get some pretty good results if you know your target market.

LinkedIn InMail Ads Costs & Results

Again, notice the campaigns highlighted in blue.

This was a tested LinkedIn InMail campaign where I tested driving traffic to our growth hacking community (particularly the Whatsapp group).

I cut it halfway but the numbers are as follows:

2.20 Euro CPC

Conclusively speaking, you CAN GET results from Linkedin Advertising, you just need to be good and understand your industry well otherwise your margins will disappear.

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