- Reddit Marketing Automation Tool

Howitzer is the first direct marketing tool for Reddit, made for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Growth Hackers.

Basically, it’s a SaaS marketing automation tool, that allows you to find and target your ideal customers on Reddit, and direct message them at scale.
Our key point is that we managed to get 40-45% average response rate, which is quite superior compared to email outreach (3%) and LinkedIn outreach (10%)

• Pricing

  1. Basic Plan = $30/month
  2. Premium = $90/month
  3. Ultimate = $180/month

• Some blogs regarding Howitzer:

We raised a seed investment, and we started actively working on Howitzer 2.0 - a redesign of the current product, that:

  • allows scalability (i.e. Custom Plan, with custom limits and custom pricing)
  • integrated Reddit accounts (you won’t have to worry about purchasing and connecting Reddit accounts anymore)
  • built-in Inbox (you won’t have to leave Howitzer to reply to the messages)
  • Reddit Chat Automation (now we support only Reddit DM automation, but in the near future, this will be extended to Reddit Chat Automation)
  • Follow-up sequences (automated replies, based on the user’s response)

• Some reviews and testimonials

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Howitzer is definitely the tool to use for anything Reddit automation related.

We’ve been using it at the bootcamp with no complaint whatsoever.

Here’s a review I filmed about it today:

Amazing tool! can’t wait for all the cool new features that are planned on their roadmap. Currently testing this with a couple of different approaches, really liking what I’m seeing so far

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