ImportFromWeb | Easy Web Scraping in Google Sheets

A Google Sheets function that imports content from any website directly into your Google Sheet in real time. It’s web scraping directly in Google Sheets… no coding knowledge required!

:point_right: ImportFromWeb: Web Scraping for Google Sheets

Write =IMPORTFROMWEB( a list of urls , a list of xpaths or css ) in your spreadsheet and retrieve all the data from any Web pages into your spreadsheet.

✓ Use the function hundreds of times per spreadsheet
✓ Supports JavaScript-rendered pages and hard-to-scrape websites
✓ Uses a smart, customizable cache system to store results and prevent updating on every change
✓ Modify the returned results using regular expressions
✓ Stack results of multiple search pages into a single list
✓ Tries to automatically convert data as numbers and dates when possible

:new: Scrape Amazon Product data with this simple formula:

=IMPORTFROMWEB( "" , {"title" , "description" , "price" , "rating"})


Check out our template for Scraping Amazon


✓ High volume - use the function hundreds of times per sheet
✓ High compatibility - supports JavaScript-rendered sites
✓ Flexible - use CSS selectors or XPath queries to define data captures
✓ Native caching - stores results to prevent constant recalculations
✓ Localization - fetch results displayed in other countries via our built-in proxies
✓ Extras - stack results, use regular expressions to extract/replace data, and more!


Sick tool!

Will promote in the rest of the groups for other growth hackers to see!

Keep contributing @mapi3

Thanks Kyrill,
Will publish our ImportJSON tool soon too.
Super useful to display data from hidden APIs :wink:

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Thanks for sharing. Great info!

Hi Mapi3,

Cool tool, i have been tryna figure a scraping tool that can scrape daily.

And highlight the new data? Do you know something about this?