LF growth hacker to help me scrape data for a client

Hi guys,

Anyone that could help to scrape the following request:

  1. A list of all restaurants in Germany (including website URL and social media channels). To get a full list of everything accessible, I was thinking about:
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tripadvisor
  1. Per restaurant, look for a personal email or Linkedin URL. If you can’t find a personal email, then a company email would suffice. This can be done by either hunter.io, Scrapebox or whatever rocks your boat.

FYI: I don’t have an official go yet but want to give the client a quote ASAP.

Hey! I’ve done this a lot and made my own scraper for Google Maps. I can get you the following details:

1st and 2nd telephone number
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn Twitter URLs

It’s not specifically looking for a personal email, but it does try to get the company email and LinkedIn URL.

Let me know the details if you’re interested!

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Cheers mate! Good to know. I guess it’s part of the chain. How much would you charge for let’s say all restaurants, butchers, pastries available on Google Maps in country X?

Like how much would you charge per 2K companies?

Interested to get more details @Polatic

I could do 0.15 euro per found email or LinkedIn profile URL. You would get the rest of the found leads (for example if they only have a Facebook URL) for free if we agree to scrape those industries!

@ scodico Here is my pitch,

There are 80 cities in Germany with a minimum population of 100k people.

Cost per lead,

  1. Verified personal email - 2 cents
  2. Verified company email - 1 cent
  3. Only social profile - Free (Linkedin, fb, ig, twitter) whichever is available.

Social profiles will also be included in all the above wherever available.

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@sathya can you provide mobile numbers for any specific countries???

Phantom Buster - Scrape Box ticks most of these boxes

Does scrapebox also extract Mobile numbers???

Hi guys.

Thanks for your proposal. It’s constructive! The client didn’t give me a definite go at this point, but I will let you know when I’m further in the negotiations.

I currently have a new inquiry. Please your thought on the following:

A client of mine wants to buy verified emails for his email outreach. My client is selling all sorts of graphic design, fully remote and through a subscription model.

Do you know who could help provide 10K verified emails per month?

  1. Leads: should be either company owners, business owners or marketing-related functions.
  2. Companies: should be SME’s (<150 employees) located in Western countries or the Middle East and a need for graphic design (it doesn’t matter how you qualify this when prospecting)

Any questions, and what is your price per 1K verified emails?