Linkedin Automation - what works now?

What is working in terms of Linkedin Automation?
Around a year back, I used to connect with hundreds of users a day and automate the message flow with integromat.
With the current limitations in place, what works for you?

Really good question!

At the present moment there seems to be a connection limitation on accounts limiting them to 100 new connections per week.

Here’s one of the latest updates I’ve written on the situation.

This article explains the current circumstances & limitations.

I am currently in contact with several devs that are developing their own solutions so I’ll definitely share a solution here once we find it.

If have a slightly different but related question: I am currently setting up my business (SaaS B2B). Is there any tool which I can use to automate and create engagement with my company page?

I also created a few profiles which I use to support it.

@Zori super cool question!

Personally speaking, as far as I’ve seen from my numerous tests & time spent on Linkedin:

Company pages generally suck in terms of organic reach & engagement.

IF anything, it’s much better to go down the personal profile route when trying to build yourself up on Linkedin.

Here are some stats for you to consider…

Organic Profile post:

Organic company post:

Takeaway: Linkedin knows that companies are likely to spend on ads therefore strong organic reach would be counter-intuitive.

Hope this helped.


The 3 key areas of highest engagement right now are:

  1. Automating multi-messaging campaign to people who have liked or commented on a Linkedin Post. This is possible on ANY Linkedin post, whether you wrote it or not and a highly engaged audience on a subject matter that you have a solution for offers extremely high reply rates above 40% in some cases.

  2. Automation multi-messaging campaigns to members of Linkedin groups. For this to work, you need to be a member of a group. It can be your own or anyone else’s and you don’t need to be an admin, just a member. If the subject matter of the group is in line with the solution you provide, reply rates can again be very high.

  3. Automating multi-messaging campaigns to attendees of Linkedin events. Similarly to groups, you do not have to be running the event to be able to engage with all the attendees. But having an event as a point in common with a prospect can yield great results.

At the end of the day, your profile and messaging still need to be on point for highest results. But these are the latest things that our users are getting amazing results with.


Thanks guys, appreciate your help. I let you guys know how it goes.

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Thanks for mentioning the event messaging. I will develop a script for that.

I confirm that group automation works well. I was able to generate lead 57 times cheaper than LinkedIn PPC with this approach.

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