Linkedin Events x Live Growth Hack 👨‍🔬 (Initial Hypothesis) & Results

What is up Growth Hackers,

Kyrill Krystallis here with another one.

*TLDR included at the bottom of the post

This is a method I’d posted in the Whatsapp groups some time ago but I thought I’d take the time rn (right-now) to expand on things further.

Linkedin had recently released its “Events” module which allows individuals to schedule out their own events & invite up to 1000 per people per week to them.

In addition to the above, Linkedin is also known for having its “Live” module which allows content creators to host their own live streams on Linkedin.

As per the previous few weeks, Linkedin has really loosened up the requirements necessary to get Live access meaning that just about anyone can get it

Pair up the two, and you basically have a Live session & an organic marketing channel for it.

It’s also super important to note that all Events have an inbuilt Linkedin Lead Gen Form which gives you access to approx. 70% of all attendees emails.

Clicking on download exports all emails into a CSV format along with First Names & Last Names.

So what’s the point of all this?

What am I trying to get to?

The point is that last time I tried running a Linkedin Event for a zoom webinar, we had an approximate 10% attendance rate.

25 attended out of the total 246 attendees.


One of the key concepts of marketing lies in simplifying the customer journey AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

“Market to them on the platform that they are on right now; don’t move them from Linkedin to Facebook to Email…”

Meaning that if the event was a Linkedin Live as opposed to a Zoom meeting then it’d be safe to assume that the attendance rate could be a whooping 40% (15% higher) as opposed to the minimal 10%. (25 attendees)

I’ll be testing this further in the upcoming week and will report my findings below.

TLDR: I am assuming that if you create a Linkedin event with a Linkedin Live attached to it then the attendance rates are to be significantly higher as opposed to when you try to drive them off the platform.

Worst case, I just end up with an additional 250 qualified emails.

Loving the value in your posts Kyrill!

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You can now fully automate sending multi-messaging campaigns to attendees of ANY Linkedin event you join.

I’ve written a help article on how you can do this: How to create a campaign targeting a LinkedIn Events | Alfred Help Center

This post is NOT meant to be promotional in any way, but if the admin feels that it is, please remove it.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me directly [email protected]

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The results are in:

We created our Live event approx. between the 2nd or 3rd of September 2021.

We gave it a full 13-14 days to build out.

As mentioned in hypothesis above, every speaker is able to invite up to invite up to 1000 people per week to the event.

We growth hacked this by inviting 3-4 different speakers and inviting up to 4K people weekly without any ad spend whatsoever.

Our final numbers for the people attending where around 850 attendees.

For hosting the live session itself, we used Streamyard and made sure to select the event itself as the destination for the broadcast.

The event went well and granted us the following post-broadcast stats:

A peak of 80 continual viewers from the invited attendees.

A total of 163 unique viewers for the entirety of the live session.

A total of 4700 watched minutes.

A total of 396 views. (regardless of viewers)

These stats definitely beat the stats associated with streaming off the platform.

On our last event, which we held on Zoom, we had an approximate 10% attendance rate.

On this event, we had a 20% attendance rate (two-fold increase).

The potential is definitely there.

One mistake that I discovered is that if you organize the event from a personal page then you’re not able to capture emails therefore always schedule them out from a company page.

Enjoy :wink:

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