Linkedin Polls being boosted by algorithm

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Please note that these are just my personal findings and not necessarily THE BEST WAY to go forward, but I hope this helps you nonetheless.

At least from a content marketing perspective.

So, every few couple of months LinkedIn seems to start favouring one content format over the other…

A year ago it’d be video…

I even remember a brief period of where it’d be simple text posts.

Now, it seems to be Linkedin polls.

Example of a poll can be found here :point_up_2:

Polls aren’t the best way to market your content as they lack a direct CTA, but, they are pretty useful when it comes down to sparking conversations, driving engagement and getting your audience to think.

Below I’ve included some additional stats from some of the polls I’ve personally seen perform well as well as some stats from other content formats just to prove the point of it being the favoured content format at the given moment.

Stats after posting a pretty broad poll after its initial 24 hours.


72 hour stats after posting an image + text post.

We’re talking about a 100x difference here…

The point is, it’d take 10 text posts to get the same coverage that a single poll could get you…

Some tips, assumptions & findings for maximising the efficiency of your polls:

  • Include a CTA (call to action) in the comments of your poll. (Linkedin penalizes CTAs in the body of the post by decreasing the post’s reach)

  • The broader the question (more generalized) the more votes you’ll get; the more specific the question (more specialized) the fewer the votes that you’ll be getting.

  • Polls won’t last for ever. Video was the hottest content format until polls took over. Soon something else will take over, so make sure to maximise on the format before it’s too late.

  • Posting a f^7k ton of Linkedin polls will translate into higher profile views, which could in turn translate into more connections & on profile conversions.

Conclusively speaking that’s about it!

Interested in hearing how you’ve been using polls…

Crookedcow out!

Super sick piece!

Thank you for taking the time to post this)

Personally speaking, I’ve been having some crazy success with polls too!

I definitely agree on the topic of polls increasing profile views like crazy.

The spike you’re seeing above is a direct result of that.

Keep contributing)

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