Looking for Inbound Closers to close your warm leads

For Business Owners that are using growth hacking or are already in the Scaling phase:
If in your business you already have a consistent amount of warm/hot leads from your funnel and you are looking for more Sales Closers, I can connect you with well-trained Closers from my network.

My Closers colleagues have only a few requirements:

  • the service you sell is a High-Ticket (starting from 2500usd/package)
  • you have a consistent flow of warm/hot leads to close.
  • please, NO cold leads.

This is ideally for a business that is in the Scaling Phase and need expand his team of Closers.

If you are a business owner that finds this interesting for your scaling business, comment below or drop me a message on LinkedIn to know more about your product/package and the type of Closer you need and see if I can add value to you.

Dante J.


Are these closers US based or at least native speakers?

PM with the specs if you may. Cheers


What is the pay structure? 5% commission per sale?


I’m interested, let me know how to get in touch.


Because I live in Europe, the closers I know are from there, but also in my network there are Closers from USA, UK (so yes there are also English native speakers).
Let’s connect and chat on LinkedIn, I am dropping my link profile in the original post above.

This will depend, for example if the price of your packages are between 15k-30k, so the commision could be close the % you mentioned. But if the price of your package is around 3k-5k then probably they will ask you a bit more %.

Something I wanna highlight here is that they are not my employees, but they are my colleagues, so at the end you will negotiate with them about the payment structure, and other points. I am supporting connecting and checking if there is a potential match between the business and the closer.

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Nice to meet you Jjinvito, sure I drop my linkedIn profile url in the original post above.
I am here to add value.

Looking forward

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