Marketing NFT Collection

I’m working on an NFT marketing campaign. Anyone have any good techniques for getting buyers onto our waiting list?

Where is your waiting list (email, telegram, etc?)
Ive had success pumping the demand for our NFT collection by artificially increasing the price/demand.
I have found very little success paying for any type of promotion (both NFTs or Token launches via Twitter, Reddit, Fiverr etc.).

What have you done so far? Is your collection “collectable”?


Waiting list on website as an email form - community on Twitter & discord.
We are building a game and the NFT series will integrate into the game.
How have you artificially increased the price? you mean on mint or at secondardy?

On Opensea - not sure if its applicable to you.
But you can place a WETH bid and then retract it, i.e. your funds are not actually locked.
You can see this happening with “popular” collections as well, where there’s a ton of WETH bids and then an ETH bid that outbids them gets accepted.
Very cheap and efficient way to seem “popular”