My top 5 growth hacking tools 👈

(At least for 2021…)

What is up guys,

Kyrill Krystallis here of Inside Insight laying down my ABSOLUTE favourite growth hacking tools in 2021.

Now before I start, let’s quickly go over MY definition of growth hacking: just to lay a foundation for the tools.

As per my definition, growth hacking is essentially low-cost highly effective marketing.

Hence, exactly why I’ve chosen THESE tools as opposed to others; primarily because they’re both low-cost & highly effective…

So let’s kick it off.

(Not in any order)

Tool 1:
Integromat/Zapier: These tools remain as my favourites no matter what. The fact that you can pair up numerous APIs to create your own custom solution for a cost of $10 per month just does it for me. Integromat is definitely cheaper than Zapier but a bit more complicated, but both are definitely worth mentioning!

Tool 2:

Mailbird for Cold Email Outreach: Shout-out to Ravi from Torchleads for this tool. He dropped it as his central email User Agent, in the growth hacking bootcamp, for his cold email outreaches. Been using it myself and think it’s both well priced and extremely useful. It helps tremendously with scaled cold email outreaches and lets you sync all your inboxes into “one”.

Tool 3:

LinkedHelper2/Expandi: Regardless of the fact that I’ve essentially stepped away from LinkedIn automation; these two tools remain my favourites for small scale outreaches with single accounts (as opposed to the multi-account outreaches that were possible back in 2020…) LH2 is significantly cheaper when compared to Expandi but Expandi beats LH2 in terms of account maintenance. Both tools are definitely worth mentioning!

Tool 4:

Howitzer(.)co for Reddit Marketing & Automation: Reddit is amongst my favourite marketing channels and that’s exactly why I’ve chosen to include Howitzer as it gives you the ability to manipulate Reddit to the max! Howitzer allows for both subreddit monitoring & automated messaging campaigns with a cost per message being less than a cent.

Tool 5:

Octoparse/Parsehub: These two tools are the absolute GODS of no-code custom scraping solutions. Lately I’ve been leaning more towards the direction of Octoparse as I find it a little simpler to use, but Parsehub is definitely up there too! If you need a custom scraping solution that’s both intuitive & easy to customize then these two tools ARE IT!

What are your favourite tools?

Thanks @Krystallis for sharing your favourite tools… definitely will try these and give you my feedback aswell…

Love the content you share…

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No Phantombuster ? :slight_smile:

Did you try Expandi integration with Hyperise?


Phantombuster is an unmentioned definite one)

Definitely should be on every list!

As per the Hyperise Expandi integ. I have indeed heard of it but never tried it out!

Have you

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Linked Helper 2 has integration with Hyperise and Uclic (another image personalization service)


I haven’t tested it yet, but it is on my backlog of experiments.
I will have to check Linked Helper too apparently.

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