NEWS: OnlyFans bans all SEXUAL content?!?

OnlyFans just banned all ADULT content...

So, whilst being on the verge of typing up a guide on how to market your Onlyfans account through a combination of growth hacking & automation, I find out (from Techcrunch) that OnlyFans have just BANNED ALL ADULT content…

As per a BBC report I am reading right now:

" OnlyFans has plenty of cooking tutorials and fitness classes, but it’s best known for one thing - porn.

But that’s all going to change soon.

The subscription site has announced it will block sexually explicit photos and videos from October - although some nude content will still be allowed.

OnlyFans creators have told Radio 1 Newsbeat the changes are a “kick in the teeth”."

Source: OnlyFans porn ban a 'kick in the teeth' for creators - BBC News

Apparently, as per sources, they’re banning (from October) sexual content but not nudity… :woman_shrugging:t5:

Pretty confused about how that’s going to work out.

Seems like the investors want the company to take a new direction after the whole “under-age” material fiasco…

I think we had an OnlyFans agency dude post recently…

@iknowthisguy?!? thoughts?


As per the someone in the growth hacking group, the ban seems to be “blown out proportion”.

“Regarding OF…I understand that they are not banning all sexual content and their statements have been blown our of proportion.
What will happen is that they will ban sexual content on UNVERIFIED accounts, similar to what PornHub did.
The owner of OF also owns MyFreeCams, which does not have any issues processing payments and OF could switch to the same processors within a days time.
Seems like all this media attention is part of their campaign”

No source yet though.

That’s crazy!

Expect 10x competitors in absolutely NO time…

OnlyFans with no porn is as useful all alcohol free beer :thinking:


Apparently there’s other creators using to host stuff like paywalled courses etc.

I know it’s weird to log into onlyfans to learn about cooking, but apparently that’s a thing.