Our Manual LinkedIn Outreach Campaign... (When automation stops working...)

On our "manual" success with LinkedIn...

What is up guys,

Kyrill Krystallis here with another one!

In this segment, I’d like to guide you over the process & results we’ve been able to garner by outreaching via LinkedIn, manually…

Yep, you read that right.


After tons of back & forth between other automation platforms that claim that they can override LinkedIn’s limits & the testing of every ad type LinkedIn has to offer, I decided to take a step back and test out a more old-school approach.

Prior to automation, all outreaches were done manually.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to revert back to WHAT worked when the “new stuff” stops working.

The results had not only surprised me in quantity but above all, in the quality of the calls.

Here we are booking calls with companies that had successfully raised tens of millions months ago all thanks to a manual outreach system.

Segment of our Calendar - Blurred to protect our leads… :point_up_2:

The Manual Outreach Flow:

The workflow is relatively simple and consists of the outreach team, the data, the templates, the management & the email blasts.

The purpose of the outreach team is of course to outreach, and luckily enough, we were able to create a heck of an outreach team by amassing talent directly through our multitude of Whatsapp communities from all across the globe.

At the moment, we have a team of approx. 15-20 remote people outreaching on a daily basis.


Our Whatsapp group for managing our outreach team :point_up_2:

Note that profile optimization is of utmost importance as a poorly built profile minimizes the effectiveness of the total outreach.

In addition to the above, Sales Nav is pretty important too as it increases the profile’s weekly sending limits by incorporating InMails into the equation.

We were lucky enough to have Samrat offer us Team LinkedIn Sales Nav seats at a discounted price. ($10 per seat)

We acquired the data from Crunchbase. For this outreach, we wanted to target the world’s biggest B2B SaaS companies and data platforms like Apollo just don’t do it for outreaches that are so targeted.


We went straight to Crunchbase which in most cases also includes company revenues for all companies they track.

Some of the data we are currently outreaching to :point_up_2:

We prepared outreach templates for the team. To ease the work of the outreach team, I had personally taken the time to create & perfect a total of 5 follow-up sequences allowing the team to simply copy & paste messages for every contact they wanted to connect with.

The reason for this isn’t to limit their potential of what messages they’re able to send but to provide them with a backbone for any personalizations or variations they decide to send.

Some of the outreach templates :point_up_2:

We hop on bi-daily calls with the outreach team to discuss any issues & alterations. Leading people & making sure that a process is done right always requires some degree of management. Automation works by eliminating the need for management & constant human intervention, but that is only when it works…

And how about email?

We support the team’s LinkedIn outreaches by also doing cold email outreaches to the targeted companies…
Whilst they outreach via LinkedIn, our team makes sure that there’s an email sequence being sent to the key decision-makers of the targeted companies once every 72 hours or so. This essentially compounds the initial efforts of the LinkedIn outreaches which in essence leads to more calls scheduled.

Additional points of this flow

Just about everything is hosted on Whatsapp, Google Docs & Google Sheets. This creates insane ease of access & management. No crazy tracking apps, no Airtable, no nothing.

All follow ups are spaced out with a minimum of 24 hours.

The offer of the outreach is performance based AS WE ARE outreaching to a cold audience with a Value First Proposition.

Conclusively speaking, I had decided to type up this post for two reasons:

  • To offer myself a reminder of the process next time I find myself in an “automation analysis paralysis”.

  • To show you the potential of manual outreaches when automation stops working.

The results so far have been insanely successful with approx. 40 calls coming in as little as week.

Test it out!

And if you have any questions, just ask below.

Love it!

I am currently also facing some of the aforementioned “automation analysis paralysis”…

Stuck testing between tools that are claiming to be able to override Linkedin’s limits…

Ulinc seems to be working but it’s really hard to scale.

I guess that’s one of the advantages of manual.

Scalability is just a matter of additional man-power.

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