QApop: Unlock Quora's potential to help your business grow

Are you leveraging Quora as a marketing channel?

QApop is built on my experience as a Growth Hacking consultant. The MVP was a python script generating csv output. :slightly_smiling_face: :snake:
Quora is still an underrated marketing channel. It’s hard to leverage Quora without know-how and data. It’s time consuming to find relevant questions to answer and run ads.

QApop will:
Find the best questions to answer :white_check_mark:
Suggest you questions to run ads :white_check_mark:
Explore new keyword ideas :white_check_mark:

If you are not sure if Quora is relevant for you, you can test out our quick opportunity analysis : Quora opportunity analysis | QApop

PS: I’d just launched QApop on Product Hunt.