Sales Navigator at discounted pricing (Admin Approved Offer 💯)

Sales Navigator Love of my life
I am sharing LinkedIn Sales Navigator for discounted pricing of $180 + Tx charges per year.
I am always there to help anything that comes up. You are probably not facing any issues as its well tested for more than 5 months with the premium group members. You can shift the license 6 times a year. Growth hackers we got you covered.
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If you are from the premium boot camp, you have got another 30$ discount.
We accept
Crypto (USDT ask me how to)
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What is the catch?
We buy accounts in massive bulk for different massive companies, but they do not use up all the seats , so we share the seats at discounted pricing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters are –

Keywords | Industry | Company | Geography |Seniority level | Company size | Relationship |Function | company revenue| Group

Extras Why do you need it?

You dont end up with Linkedin daily profile view limit
(you view a peofile they get a notification that you viewed their profile)

Zero Commercial Use Limits

Free LinkedIn accounts come with serious . If you are serious about using LinkedIn for lead generation, a premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator account is the only option. With this, you don’t have any limitations for commercial usage of your LinkedIn account.

Feel Premium
People trust you more when they see the premium buttton on your profile and also you have a feature of open profile

Open Profile
The Open Profile Premium feature allows anyone on LinkedIn to contact a Premium member for free, even if they’re not in the sender’s network. All LinkedIn members can see the full profiles of Premium members who have enabled Open Profile. In order to be an Open Profile member, you must have a Premium subscription.

Send nearly 30 InMails every month
If you want to send private messages to your prospects or any other LinkedIn users (even if you aren’t connected with them), the InMail feature is the best.

Download the mobile app
Salespeople who spend lots of time away from their desk will appreciate the Sales Navigator app (available for iOS and Android.)
The app delivers real-time updates about saved accounts and leads, so reps can quickly reach out after a prospect has written a new post, showed up in the press, or shared company news. Users can also see their daily account and lead recommendations and browse buyer profiles
Lastly, the Sales Navigator app lets reps send InMail and messages on the go. Contacting a prospect quickly after a compelling event can mean the difference between winning and losing a deal, so this is a powerful feature.

Apply the TeamLink filter.
According to LinkedIn, you’re more likely to leave a favorable impression with buyers if you were introduced to them by a mutual connection. With the TeamLink Connections filter, you can easily find the prospects who meet your search criteria and share an acquaintance with you, whether it’s a first or second-degree connection.

how to apply the team link filter in linkedin sales navigator
This filter taps the networks of the other members of your sales team and your first-degree connections.

Check out the TeamLink section.
You can also check out the TeamLink section of an accounts page, which helps you build strategic relationships at an organization you’re targeting.
Let’s say you want to work with Blue Leaf. When you check out the TeamLink section of the Blue Leaf account page, TeamLink will display the current employees who are connected to members of your network. You can now ask those mutual connections for introductions.