SEO Growth Hack for infinite FREE niched blog articles... (Tried & Tested)

Hey guys,

CrookedCow here)

Came across this one a year ago on BHW and decided to reshare the method here!

I’ve tried it on several occasions & it worked like a charm. (Not sure on HOW WELL this still works)

The way this whole thing functions is that every now and then domains EXPIRE, and their content expires with it.

EXPIRED content is taken off the Google database, meaning that if it’s reposted, it then acts as FRESH content.

Pretty simple, no?

The tools you need for this method are: *(ALL ARE FREE)* (for getting the “expired blog posts”) (for seeing which domains have expired)


A plagiarism tool checker, just in case.

My favorite one is:

So let’s say, I am looking to populate my newly created site with “rankable” marketing content.

What I’d do is do a quick search on expireddomains for all domains inclusive of the word “marketing” in the url.

My results will look something like this:

(Pay close attention to the ACR section, as this shows you how many times the site has been crawled by the web archive (the more the better))

Once, you choose a certain domain to check, plug it over to the webarchive and see if there’s any records of the site as that’s how you’ll be able to pull the “expired content”. example

Before doing that though, do a quick site search to make sure the site is fully delisted from Google.

Example of site search

Once, that’s done, you can then begin copy pasting content from the expired domain into Quetext to check for plagiarism.

My results:

Best practise is to rinse & repeat until you find content that’s 100% unique.

An alternative strategy is to simply change the synonyms of the text a little to change things up a little more.

But all in all, that’s how you “revive” articles from expired domains.


Super cool method!

I will test it for my next new site.

SEO hacks aren’t exactly my favourite as they usually fail to produce good & engaging content but this strategy is interesting nonetheless.

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This is a good piece, i will surely give it a try and hope to get the best from it. thanks for sharing