Should you make low-cost product hunt launch?

I run 5 product hunt launches:

  • 4 of them were no-frill launches, which required 5 hours of work
  • For the last one I went all-in and spend the entire day answering every comment, burning 30 hours of work.

When I compared the result:

  • No-frill launches generated 56% fewer website visits
  • No-frill launches generated 30 visits per hour invested in the launch
  • All-in launch generated 11 visits per hour invested in the launch

So from ROI perspective, no-frill launches are better.
Product hunt allows you to redo a launch after 6 months if you have some product updates. So for any early-stage startup, I would recommend running a no-frill launch first and relaunch 6 months later.

If you want more stats about it, I wrote a medium article on the topic.

Hey that’s awesome!

Do you purchase fake upvotes on PH or not?

What are your thoughts on that strategy?

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PH is hunting down on fake accounts, so I don’t think that fake upvote is worth it anymore. I have 50 fake accounts that I was able to use for upvotes in the past but isn’t working anymore.

However, I have a network of friends with good karma, that I’m asking for upvotes in the first hour of the launch. From what I saw the number of upvotes matters less than the quality of upvotes.