Top Cold Email Follow-ups (It's pretty simple actually...)

Cold Email Follow Up Templates & Strategy

Hey guys,

CrookedC here with another one!

One of the super frequent cold email questions I get is “what’s the best way to follow up?” and “do you have any follow-up templates?”

We have 25+ templates for the initial outreaches, that we do have…

But follow-ups are mostly very simple.

Cold Email Follow Ups 101

See, the purpose of the follow-up is to simply re-notify the recipient of the initial email.

You don’t have to re-sell them on the whole idea through a follow-up.

Personally speaking, I believe that a simple 24-hour follow-up with something as simple as “thoughts?” is more than enough.

It re-notifies the prospect of the email chain.

And it invites them to re-read the initial pitch, which was your first outreach copy.

Follow up 2, 3, and 4 though could be a little more different; but in an “ascending” order.

Meaning that if I were to create a follow-up template for my outreach it would then look something like this:

1st Email Follow Up: (After 24 hours.)


2nd Email Follow Up: (After 48 hours.)

(Name), touching base with you once more!

As mentioned in the first email, we’re really interested in working with you!

Let’s get a call booked sometime this week: (CTA)

3rd Email Follow Up : (After 72 Hours.)

(Name), loved the piece you posted on Linkedin about (bla, bla, bla) personalization.

As mentioned in the previous threads, we’d be able to (value prop/boost your deal flow in as little as 90 days)…

Would love to hop on a quick call with you some time this week to guide you over some of our previous case studies.

Book a time whenever you’re next avail: (CTA)

4th Email Follow Up: (After 100 Hours.)

(Name), pinging you once more regarding the aforementioned!

Have some crazy news to share, our last client just confirmed an MoM increase in deal flow of 150% from the work we did.

We’re posting a case study super soon on our company blog.

Will send it over once it is ready!

Any availabilities for a quick call sometime next week?

If yes, choose a time that suits you best: (CTA)

You get the gist…

The order doesn’t necessarily have too be ascending but the point of the example is that, in some cases, you have to spice things up a little when following up.

The worst follows up are the ones where it’s just someone emailing repeatedly you every 24 hours with a template like: “Just re-pinging you…”

It’s ok for one, or two of the templates.

But you have to add some more “juice”, give the prospect some additional info, talk about your previous results.


Hope this helps)