Top low code & no-code tools for SaaS & App Creation… 👷🏾‍♂️

To begin with, let’s first cover the definition of low code & no code;

No-code = platforms and tools that allow you to build apps (SaaS & non-SaaS) through the use of prebuilt graphical builders.

Low-code = exactly the same as the aforementioned definition but in some cases requires a FEW lines of code.

Briefly put, the low code/no-code movement gives non-developers the ability to “code” out their own apps and deploy them to the market or for internal use.

Examples of apps developed through the use of no-code/low code tools can be found below: - No-Code University
No-Code University for non-technical builders - “Make your meetings matter.” - Popular tours in UAE

My favorite tools for no-code/low-code development are the following: Bubble as of present has become somewhat the WordPress of no code. Their platform, of course, has somewhat of a learning curve and it will take you a few hours of Googling & YouTubing to come up to speed, but once you cross that initial curve, building apps becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

The builder consists of a visual building platform paired with a database, & plugin section which allows for the development of pretty sophisticated apps in as little as a few hours or days…

Conclusively speaking, it’s easy to use and is definitely my platform of choice when it comes to building quick MVPs & prototypes.

Soft.r: Soft.r is essentially a web builder that allows you to build on top of Airtable databases.

Now you might be thinking; why would I want to build a site over Airtable, and the answer is pretty simple; it allows for easier data manipulation and integrations.

Say you’re building a job board; why re-edit the entire website when you can just have your new entry be added to Airtable and have the addition reflect on the site automatically…

That’s what Soft.r is about…

Airtable: next up we of course have the aforementioned Airtable. Airtable is essentially just like Google sheets but “smarter”…

Smarter as in easier to automate, easier to plug-in API integrations, and essentially just easier to manipulate…

Integromat: Integromat is essentially just like Zapier but with a nicer UI & additional customization features. As per their motto, they act as “the glue of the internet” and allow you to build interactions & automations by bundling the APIs of different apps together.

*Note that it has a bit of a learning curve, hence exactly why I at times revert to Zapier if the flow is becoming too complex.

Tools I haven’t used but that are worth mentioning:

Glide: helps you create mobile apps in as little as 5 minutes.
Adalo: something alike to Bubble.
Webflow: in other words; the WordPress killer.

What are your favourite no-code/low-code tools?

There is definitely a lot of opportunity in no code. Exploring bubble also…

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Yes, great, now I exploring and airtable

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