Top SMM Panels & Acc Farms?!?

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So for those that are unaware SMM panels are basically panels where you can buy fake/real social media engagement. An applied example of this would be you creating a Facebook post and then purchasing likes & comments on it in order to either entirely fake or partially inflate the post’s engagement numbers.

Account farms, on the other hand, are simply farms/marketplaces where marketers can purchase accounts that are either new or aged across a wide array of social media platforms; ranging from IMAP activated emails to aged Facebook accounts.

My personal favourites up to this point are listed below:

(Feel free to add your own in the comments) This is amongst my favourite places to purchase accounts - my last purchase being 20 fresh Twitter accounts that were delivered in as little as 2 minutes after payment.

It’s a kickass platform that’s been around for some time (if I am not mistaken) and accepts credit cards (as well as crypto)

Definitely a marketplace that I intend to use over the long term. & BoostUpvotes

Reddit is amongst my favorite content & community platforms out there and it’s amongst the best places to promote your content in a low cost manner.

I tend to do this semi organically; meaning I’ll write good valuable content and if I see it “sticking” with the community I’ll boost it further with upvotes.

The best providers for this, as per my experience, are both Soar & Upvoteboost.

Personally speaking, I now prefer upvoteboost primarily because their service is faster & cheaper.

My favorite generic SMM panels are both Cheappanel & Justanotherpanel.

Cheappanel is a little controversial because there have been reports of them failing to top up accounts but I’ve personally used their services on more than one occasion with no issue whatsoever.

I’ve personally used their Facebook engagement & group member services with no issue whatsoever, I’ve also purchased Instagram followers from them…

Just another panel, on the other hand, is tricky with getting money in but flawless in delivery from what I’ve heard.

As far as I remember you need to request a special portal from customer support in order to be able to add funds because payment providers (like Stripe & PayPal) generally avoid doing business with SMM panels.

Conclusively speaking though, if you can top up you’re set.

The best panel in my personal Arsenal for sms verifications is by far

Adding cash to the platform is as easy as 1-2-3 with their processor and their delivery is absolutely flawless.

Choose a platform, choose a location, choose a number and voila…

Your phone number is verified.

Don’t make my mistake of purchasing WhatsApp numbers from them though because THEY DO recycle the numbers, meaning that you will lose access when somebody else purchases the number.


Last but not at least, if none of the above satisfy your demands then you should definitely head over to BHW where you’ll find additional platforms/panels and other merchants providing custom solutions.

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Great post👍🏻 is a good one as well imo, they always make sure their orders are done completely and correctly unlike some other similar websites

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Yep, forgot to add Peakerr! Good one!

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Any advice for buying watch hours on youtube ? Which SMM panel might be relatively safer ?

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As far as I know, the safest ones are either JAPP or Peaker.

Though I am not 100% sure as to their safety, I do know of some channels that have used them with success.

But again, not something I advise doing.