Top SMTP for cold email deliverability 📧 (with proof)

Top SMTP provider for email deliverability…

What is up guys,

Kyrill here with another one!

Nice to see the growth hacking community growing over the past month)

So in this post I’d like to cover my latest favorite SMTP provider in terms of deliverability.

This is primarily for plain text COLD email outreaches and not for newsletters…

Don’t be this guy…

Introducing Sendinblue...

So, prior to Sendinblue which I’ll cover further down, I had started off as an Amazon SES fanboy primarily due to the economics of their offer.

With Amazon SES you’re able to send up to 20k emails per day entirely for free.

This works great IF you can get through their review & approval process BUT there’s one little issue…

Amazon’s deliverability isn’t the greatest, unfortunately.

:point_up_2:t5: Glockapps report showing that my emails are landing in spam for Hotmails…

That’s something that I’ve uncovered after playing around with a deliverability tool called Glockapps. (Which I HIGHLY recommend FOR EVERYONE)

SES does well with most inboxes but it doesn’t do too good with Outlooks which seem to have an insanely hyper-sensitive anti-spam system.

Sendinblue, on the other hand, is a tool I first came across after Ravi of Torchleads showcased it to us in the growth hacking bootcamp and surprisingly enough, it seems to be “Outlook friendly”…

Check the Glockapps report screen shot below for proof.

Overall deliverability with 95% of emails hitting inbox…


This is a test we ran on one of the satellite domains for one of the sites we are outreaching on.

Pricing-wise, they’re great.

20k emails per month for $40.

And deliverability-wise, they’re close to perfect!

Hope this helps guys.

There could be some cause and correlation here. Glockapps is a great app to test delivery, but what could be happening is the slight misalignment on the SES account.

AWS is a 100% guaranteed delivery if you 1) warm up the ip 2) set up the right options.

The problem with AWS is it’s way more technical.

Sendinblue uses GCP to send emails.

you really can’t compare GCP, AWS, Azure… because they’re IaaS Cloud Providers.

Sendinblue is very similar to like a CampaignMonitor, their core business is e-mail marketing.

So anyways, this was a great test but you just have to be careful because of the cause and correlation.

SES is 60k emails per month for FREE, but the reason it’s free is because it takes a lot to set up… Big overhead.

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