Twitter Growth Hacking 🐣

Well, I didn’t experiment this much with Twitter. But what are the top growth strategies and tools to scale, manage an account and achieve a higher reach?


How old is your account and how much do followers do you have?

If you account is warm up you can try some mass follow and unfollow.

I also quite like MissingLettr. It help you to quickly create twitter content from your existing blog post. I personally let it run in autopilot to distribute my medium article on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Hey @Ahmed_GabAllah

Top tool for Twitter growth hacking & automation, just like for Instagram, is hands down Jarvee.

I remember Kyrill making a video on it a few months ago.

He outlined how he auto-dms.

You can find it here:

I find the Twitter audience, like Reddit for example, quite specific.
Its better to have 1000 followers that interact with you than 30k that followed you just because you followed them.

I’ve had the best success partnering up with 5-10 other similarly large accounts as mine and we retweet, interact, like etc. each other’s tweets. ALso, have them post like a monthly or Bi-weekly post like this:

These accounts are fire to follow for:

  • Marketing @firstaccount
  • Real estate @secondaccount
  • Growth hacking @3rd account etc.
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