Whatsapp Automation - Quick Breakdown 👈

What is up guys,

Kyrill Krystallis here with a breakdown over a video I did a few weeks ago!

This video guides you over a test I did where I ran several automated outreaches through Whatsapp as opposed to the frequent email or Linkedin outreaches you’ll find me doing.

The tools used in this example are the following:

WA Web Sender: Free Whatsapp Automation Tool available on the Chrome App Store.

Hunter.io: For Contact Enrichment & Finding Phone Numbers.

All in all, the results were pretty ok!

I am aware of people sending hundreds of thousands of Whatsapp messages through a more SCALED approach but this isn’t it…

This is more of a targeted B2B outreach which makes sense for high margin business to business industries.

It’s pretty important to note that your Whatsapp account has to be warmed up for alteast a few weeks prior to the blast.

The best & most sustainable outreaches IMHO are outreaches where you’re driving traffic to another Whatsapp community as opposed to offsite.

I assume that this triggers less spam alerts, as offsite links are generally more “risky” than other Whatsapp groups.

Feel free to post any questions that you may have below!

Always learning new things with you! Keep it up :fire:

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Thanks for sharing Kyrill

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Thanks for sharing! Do you have any idea what the limits are on WhatsApp? How many messages can be send from a number before it gets blocked or marked as spam?

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@ironbrands nice question!

As far as my tests go, a warmed up number can send 200 messages per day.

Again, if you read the post you’ll realize that it’s safer when you send messages with internal Whatsapp links.

Meaning, that the limit could potentially be increased…

Thanks man! We have built our own custom bot using a python script which does the following:

We have a database of job seeking students (1000) and 200 vacancies for students. We try to match those vacancies with students based on location, field of experience, duration etc. We built a bot that finds matches between students and vacancies and whenever there is a match the bot will send automatically a whatsapp message with the vacancy in it. However, sometimes we get a ton of new vacancies online in a single day, which results in 400+ matches, so we send out those 400 whatsapp messages, but we don’t have any clue when we hit our limit. We have a whatsapp business account by the way.

In addition, multiple intermediaries (basically recruitment companies with large databases of vacancies and job seekers) are requesting our services to match and send out whatsapp text messages. This would scale the process enormously, but I don’t know if its doable without running into whatsapp restrictions.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one

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You will run into restrictions.

I don’t recommend offering it as a service unless you have many warmed up burner Whatsapp accounts.