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Video is the name of the game in 2021 in marketing for businesses and YouTube is the #1 video sharing platform, but in order to gain visibility in the platform, video marketers need to share good quality videos consistently and get in front of viewers.


Have you tried to post a video but barely get any news?

Is your business creating awesome content but seems like you were talking to crickets?

Here is my example to go from 10 views to 9.600 views and counting

Our team manages currently roughly 50 channels from small to large size.


For new channels, on-page SEO is not enough. After 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours YouTube algorithm helps to show your video to more people, but until you achieve this level it is very hard to get views, each video needs to be manually promoted. Therefore we identify social media groups , Quora groups etc. related to your content and promote your videos there. We also find small-medium size influencers who can share your content.
This means tons of work every month, but with the outsourcing packages of Myprocesses you can have your own awesome YouTube channel with plenty of subscribers and views.

YouTube Add services to reach your ideal clients

SEO services and keyword optimization

Monatize your YouTube with us:
Reach 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours organically

That’s a lot of manual work and our team delivers the best quality, so we can only take on limited number of clients.

How much do you charge and by when can the results be seen

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The results are usually visible after roughly 1-2 weeks. These are real views from real people, so no exact deadline can be determined of course. We keep working until we get the expected results.

We have two different packages to start with:
*** Achieve 1k views / video**
100 USD / one video or package price of 350 USD / 4 videos

*** Achieve 5k views / video**
200 USD / one video or package price of 690 USD / 4 videos

If your channel have different requirements please let me know and we can give you a personalized fee quote.

i have connected with you on Linkedin, lets chat there